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Helpful Ideas - Miscellaneous

The information on this page is for reference and educational purposes. There is no substitute for seeing a doctor.

Other Helpful Ideas

National Do Not Call List

The main reason to sign up on the "National Do Not Call List" is to reduce unsolicated phone calls from sales people. A pFTD can be a great target. A sales person could convince a pFTD to purchase a car or maybe a $10,000 trip for 2 to the Carribean.

The Internet is the easiest way to register, but you must have a valid e-mail address in order to make the online registration process work. You may register up to three phone numbers. Register on-line at

You can register by phone, but you must call from the phone number you wish to have removed from calling lists. Call 1-888-382-1222. If you register now, you should see a reduction in telephone solications within 30 days.

Junk Mail

Reduce junk mail and unwanted solications by removing your mailing address from common mailing addresses to:


Mail Preference Service/Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 643
Carmel, NY 15012-0643

If you do not control the junk mail you receive at your home, you may start receiving things you didn't order. For example, 10 subscriptions to different magazines you never heard of or a complete gym set for four payments of $199.99!

Remember a pFTD may lack resonable judgment.

Baby Monitor

You can use a baby monitor to keep track of a pFTD. You can use the basic system all the way up to using video with a wireless connection so you can carry a small portable TV around with you in the house and keep an eye on your pFTD.

Create a Picture Books of Items you would buy from a grocery store with check marks
(This is an e-mail from a Yahoo Support Group Member)

My husband has gotten to where he can't tell us something he wants from the store, but I can make him a page with pictures of his favorite things and he can put a checkmark next to the ones he wants. Perhaps you could try something like that.

Yahoo Support Group Member

Another Suggestion about Picture Books

Question : My husband has PPA and we are trying to find the right communication device for him. Is anyone here using one? Any suggestions?

Answer : He won't learn and retain how to use new devices. Best bet is for you and family to take photos of familiar people, places, and things. Even a scrap book of store advertisements might help. We use our photo book at every meal time to help communication. Some cases a child dictionary one that shows a picture next to each word is useful. My wife no longer understands a word that I say. Her speech is difficult also to understand what she wants to convey. The word 'yes' and 'no' are about it. Reflecting back I wish that we had practiced and forced ourselves to start using the book earlier. Also develop a very few simple hand signals such as thumbs up means 'yes' and down means 'no' etc.

+11/13/07 (Al T.)

First Alert Door Alarm

The First Alert Alarm adds a level of comfort and security to virtually any door or window. When the alarm is triggered, a piercing ultra decibel sound is emitted indicating that your security may have been breached.

Installs in Seconds!
It installs easily. There's no tools or measuring required. Simply peel off the adhesive backing on the alarm unit and stick it in place. It's just that simple.

3 Way Unit!
The First Alert Alarm deluxe 3 way unit offers functionality. The switch of the 3 way unit has an alarm setting, an off setting and a chime setting. When set, the chime setting allows you to hear a single pleasant tone when a door or window is opened. It's similar to the alarms used in some retail stores. Like an automatic doorbell, it let's you know that someone has just triggered the alarm.

Store Locators with this alarm

+11/15/07 (Mary T)


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