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What's New and Weekly Updates


New book Added to Book web page!!

INS Dictionary of Neuropsychology

David W. Loring
copyright 1999/Oxford University Press



+12/05/07 (Anne)




New book Added to Book web page!!

An Evolution of Love
Life and Love with Frontotemporal Dementia

Marie Sykes and Michelle Stafford
copyright 2007/Georgetown Publishing, LLC


New book Added to Book web page!!

The Frontal Lobes

by Jarl Risberg and Jordan Grafman
copyrigrht 2006/Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 978-0521672252


+12/01/07 (Anne)

New book Added to Book web page!!

The Human Frontal Lobes: Functions and Disorders

by Dr. Bruce Miller & Jeffrey L. Cummings
copyright 1998/The Guilford Press

A caregiver read the book and said it was helpful. She noted the book is a medical textbook and someone has to have an interest in research and medical terminology

+11/28/07 (Michelle)

Gun charge dropped against trooper with brain disease

by Jay Davis

+11/28/07 [D1024]

New book Added to Book web page!!

Pick's Disease and Pick Complex

by Andrew Kertesz and David Munoz
copyright 1998/Wiley-Liss
ISBN-13: 978-0471177920

Pick's Disease and Pick Complex is a comprehensive and reliable reference that clarifies Pick's diagnosis as compared with other forms of dementia, as well as interrelated variants of the same spectrum. It offers clinical information essential for neurologists, neuropsychologists, geriatricians, psychiatrists, and neuropathologists. It is also an invaluable resource for graduate students and researchers.

Website Note:
This book averages over $125. You may want to go to your local library and see if they can get you a copy.

+11/27/07 (Michelle)

New book Added to Book web page!!

How to have a good death

by Jane Feinmann
copyright 2006/DorlingKindersley Publishers
ISBN-13: 978-1405316293

+11/27/07 (Gill)


New book Added to Book web page!!

A Three Dog Life

by Abigail Thomas
copyright 2006/Harcourt
ISBN-13: 978-0151012114

Book Description
When Abigail Thomas’s husband, Rich, was hit by a car, his brain shattered. Subject to rages, terrors, and hallucinations, he must live the rest of his life in an institu­tion. He has no memory of what he did the hour, the day, the year before. This tragedy is the ground on which Abigail had to build a new life. How she built that life is a story of great courage and great change, of moving to a small country town, of a new family composed of three dogs, knitting, and friendship, of facing down guilt and discovering gratitude. It is also about her relationship with Rich, a man who lives in the eternal present, and the eerie poetry of his often uncanny perceptions. This wise, plainspoken, beautiful book enacts the truth Abigail discovered in the five years since the acci­dent: You might not find meaning in disaster, but you might, with effort, make something useful of it.



New book Added to Book web page!!

The Dysphagia Cookbook:
Great Tasting and Nutritious Recipes for People
with Swallowing Difficulties

By Elayne Achilles
Copyright 2004/Cumberland House Publishing
ISBN: 1-58182-348-7

+11/27/07 (Janice)

Lewy Body Society




Pick's Disease
Wash Park Prophet Blog

It is about the fourth blog down.

+11/22/07 [D1020]


From Odd Behavior to a Difficult Diagnosis
It Wasn't Cancer, Depression or a Stroke. So What Was It?
by Sandra G. Boodman

+11/22/07 [D1019]



Frontal lobe dysfunction explains some behaviors, doctors told
by Connie Jo Discoe
McCook Daily Gazette


Isoflurane may produce Alzheimer's-like changes in the brain
RxPG News

+11/22/07 [D1016]

Inhaled anesthetics may accelerate the onset of Alzheimer's Disease
RxPG News

"This animal study data suggests that we have to at least consider the possibility that anesthetics accelerate certain neurodegenerative disorders."

+11/22/07 [D1017]

How frontotemporal dementia affects brain at cellular level


Family Struggles with Rare Disease
The NewsConnection in Texas

+11/21/07 [D1014]

Dementia: Supporting peoplw with dementia and their carers in health and social care
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
United Kingdom


Save This Picture

A new poem added to the Poem webpage.

+11/20/07 (Dan S.)


In doing some research this morning I came across a number of articles talking about the use of a Visual analogue scale for pain, which is used for young children, as well as for persons with various forms of dementia. The normal scale which most of us use.....indicating our pain on the scale of one to ten....will not be effective as the disease progresses.

I wasn't able to download the visual analogue scale which I found on the following website

but you might want to take a look at page 25 to see what I'm talking about. I imagine a person could purchase one of these visual analogue scales for their own use.....somewhere.

I did go to another website and got six suitable `happy' faces.....and some not so happy....jpegs and have added these to My Photo Book along with the wording from the sample on page 25 indicating the various stages of pain. Hopefully this will be useful sometime down the road.

(Mary has dementia)

+11/20/07 (Mary~Canada)

Alzheimer's Association



Discovery Will Help Fight Word-Finding Disease

+11/19/07 provides this article call "Caregiver Stress"

+11/19/07 [D1011]

Genetic Cause For Word-Finding Disease Found By Researchers

+11/19/07 [D1012]

Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers
by the American Medical Association


Article called "Beyond the '88 Plan'"
found in the Harvard Crimson Online Edition

+11/19/07 [D1006]

'It's my life'
Woman copes with husband's early dementia, raises awareness

+11/18/07 [D1008]

Ideas to help stop driving and/or get rid of their vehicle

  • I told my husband that since we no longer had the income we couldn't afford it and I didn't want him to put any more miles on it. He was to the point he couldn't drive mine.  Surprisingly, he didn't fuss.
  • +11/15/07 (Mary T.)

Added a Quote to "Taking Care of Yourself"


Sorry That You Are Here

It is indeed a difficult road. I am a very good swimmer. One time for the fun of it, I have tried to swim upstream in a river with a strong current. At most, I could stay at the same location. After a while, I began to get tired and started to loose ground. I had to give up. To see the difference, I tried to swim with the current. It was also difficult to keep control, but it was going very fast and not tiresome. A bit scary, but fun. To me, FTD is like that river. It is a lost battle. If you try to fight it it will burn you down and you will loose anyway. If you play with it, you still can have good moments and still have a reasonable life. The key ingredients is understanding and adaptation. It is difficult but it can be done.
(Quote written by Alphi.who's wife has FTD)
+11/15/07 (Alphi)

Another Great Idea

First Alert Door Alarm

The First Alert Alarm adds a level of comfort and security to virtually any door or window. When the alarm is triggered, a piercing ultra decibel sound is emitted indicating that your security may have been breached.

Installs in Seconds!
It installs easily. There's no tools or measuring required. Simply peel off the adhesive backing on the alarm unit and stick it in place. It's just that simple.

3 Way Unit!
The First Alert Alarm deluxe 3 way unit offers functionality. The switch of the 3 way unit has an alarm setting, an off setting and a chime setting. When set, the chime setting allows you to hear a single pleasant tone when a door or window is opened. It's similar to the alarms used in some retail stores. Like an automatic doorbell, it let's you know that someone has just triggered the alarm.

Store Locators with this alarm

+11/15/07 (Mary T)

Race aids healing for ex-wife of dementia patient

Provo Utah newspaper Daily Herald on November 11, 2007

+11/12/07 [D1004]

The Vanishing Man

Times Online in the United Kingdom

+11/12/07 [D1005]

Questions linger for Domenici

Senator Pete Domenici for New Mexico has been diagnosed with FTD


New book Added to Book web page!!

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

By Harold Kushner
Copyright 2004/Knopf Publishing Group
ISBN-13 : 9781400024727

There are several versions of this book.

+11/12/07 (Mary T)

"Software Improves Dementia Scans, Study Shows"
A study at the University of Utah

News Article

+11/09/07 [D1000]

The Callier Library a satellite facility of The Unversity of Texas provided this article.

"Screening for Frontotemporal Dementias and Alzheimer's Disease with the Philelphia Brief Assessment of Cognition: A Prelimary Analysis"

+11/09/07 (Vida) [D1000]

A Caregiver's Perspective on Frontotemporal Lobe Dementia


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